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GN DairyConsult is established by Gisle Nordlund, with the purpose of offering consulting advisory service within the dairy industry and business area related to this, as well in Denmark as on international level. 

GN DairyConsult takes on assignments of longer duration as well as smaller jobs. Assignments are carried out as well in Denmark as abroad.

For more than 25 years Gisle Nordlund have worked as a dairy manager and general manager at dairies in Denmark, Norway and Madagascar.
He has more than 34 years of practical experience within the dairy industry in Denmark and international.
It has always been a pleasure to him to create results within all the multiple work areas he have had in his positions, and has a high level of drive and integrity.
He loves creating good, healthy and natural food with respect for the craftsmanship and the good produce, in co-operation with talented and dedicated employees.
He is proud of running the business as rational and effective as possible with a lot of focus on the business economics.
He makes it a point of honor to have knowledge and influence on the entire comprehensiveness From Farm to Fork.
He has worked as an independent dairy and food consultant since 2010, with various consultant tasks both at home and abroad - especially within the following areas:
  • Dairy plant management & organization
  • Dairy business development
  • Development and implementation of methodologies, concepts and work principles of the Danish dairy culture
  • Dairy technology, especially cheese technology
  • Extension service on milk hygiene, milk quality and milk quality payment schemes
  • Microbiology and hygiene
  • Process machinery and service equipment engeneering
  • Dairy product quality and quality assurance of dairy processing
  • Development of new dairy products, processes and equipments
  • Business economic calculations
  • Troubleshooting in process
  • Education on workfloor 

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